Confidently LEARN GUITAR and earn your WHITE STRAP in 30 DAYS

The Way of Guitar: White Strap is a beginner guitar program for anyone who wants to learn the RIGHT WAY and get playing FAST while also having a fun and memorable experience. It's the first GAMIFIED course of its kind with feedback and a tangible REWARD!


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"Micah is talented, passionate, and friendly to boot. If you're looking for a teacher, you can't go wrong with Micah." - LeGrande J.

"Micah is a very knowledgeable and friendly teacher. I would highly reccomend this course!" - Justin H.

"The White Strap program breaks everything down into an easy to follow process. Insanely worth it." - Chris B.

What You'll Learn And Get In This Course

Essential Mechanics

  • Perfect Technique: Learn perfect technique so you avoid the bad habits and pit falls most guitar players run into.

  • Motion Secrets: Discover ESSENTIAL movements that will save you 5-10 years of practice time.

  • Musicality: No prior musical experience? No problem. We'll learn all about how music and rhythm works.

  • Practice Mastery: Master the art of practicing so you can supercharge your practice time and acquire the skills to play ANYTHING.

75+ Videos With On and off-screen resources

  • Charts: All the chord charts you'll need are provided both on and off video. 

  • Tabs: Playable tablature is provided for all exercises and songs to make practice more convenient and efficient.

  • Dual Camera Angles: Get multiple camera angles so you can clearly see how to play in DETAIL.

How to be a well rounded guitarist

  • Chords: Learn the most commonly used chords of all time so you can quickly play most chord based, strumming songs.

  • Single Note Riffing: Acquire knowledge of single note picking technique the RIGHT way and master popular riffs and songs.

  • Write Your First Song: Stretch your creative muscles and write your first song. No prior musical experience necessary!

A gamified experience - Earn your WHITE STRAP

  • Confidence: Be confident you're playing guitar the RIGHT way by passing off the material. Go from knowing NOTHING about guitar to being a confident, beginner level guitar player.

  • Feedback: I will provide personal feedback on your progress and mail you your WHITE STRAP upon passing your White Strap Test. All you have to do is follow the instructions and email me a video after completing the course!

  • Fun and Memorable:  Have a unique and memorable experience by earning something TANGIBLE to symbolize your progress on the guitar.

  • Milestones and Gamification: The White Strap will be the first of many milestones in your guitar journey. Enjoy and participate in a gamified and MOTIVATING experience.

Limited Time Pre-Launch Bonuses

Amazing Bonuses

  • Private Community: Get all your questions answered daily so you are never second guessing or wasting time!

  • Customized Course: The course will be built around your specific needs as an early adopter. This is something that folks will not get to experience with the finished course! 

  • Become one of the first White Strap Recipients: This is the first and only course of its kind. You will be one of the first EVER honorary recipients of the Way of Guitar White Guitar Strap!

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Micah Miller and I've had a guitar in my hand for as long as I can remember. I'm an educator, composer, producer, and a lover of all things music.

I started learning guitar on Youtube in its infancy and never had a teacher. I taught myself to play by watching free tutorials and watching the old REH VHS uploads (if you know, you know). While I learned a lot from the resources available to me, I made many mistakes along the way. Since then I have been teaching guitar privately for over 10 years. Throughout my years of teaching, it dawned on me that there are some very fundamental and important steps in learning guitar technique you don't find online or even in person with private instructors. These are things I wish someone would have shown me when I first started learning; it would have saved me 5-10 years of practice time! It is my desire to impart my knowledge and experience to my students so they learn fast and avoid the long, grueling trial and error experience I had. Trust me, learning guitar did NOT come easy and fast for me, but it will for YOU.

The #1 thing I've learned throughout this entire journey is  👉  You don't need fancy gear, extraordinary talent, or unrealistic amounts of daily practice to play guitar. Once you understand the fundamental mechanics of guitar and HOW to practice, the sky is the limit as far as what you can achieve. AND THAT RIGHT THERE is what inspired me to create The Way of Guitar: White Strap Course for beginner guitar players.

But I get it, you probably don't really care about who I am and why I created this course... Right now, all you care about is CAN I ACTUALLY HELP YOU! Well, I've tested the White Strap Guitar program on students who knew nothing about guitar from all ages and backgrounds, even students with Autism and learning disabilities, and it's had remarkable results. People are blown away at how fast they can learn guitar from scratch when they follow a proven step-by-step process. I hope you're as excited as I am for you to begin this journey! I'm looking forward to meeting you soon and I can't wait for you to earn your White Strap!

Who Is This Course For?

  • You want to learn how to go from knowing nothing about guitar to becoming a confident and competent beginner level guitarist FAST while also acquiring the tools necessary to improve and learn more on your own.

  • You value a streamlined program that trims the fat while also having a fun and motivating, and rewarding experience.

  • You want to play guitar correctly and enjoy the gift of music. 

What Categories Do We Focus On?

  • Overall knowledge of the instrument.

  • ​Crafting perfect technique.

  • ​Understanding the nuance of guitar.

  • ​Creating, playing, and understanding multiple styles of music.

  • Playing your favorite songs fast.

  • ​Having FUN.

  • ​And so much more!

Who Is This Course NOT For?

  • Your aren't willing to take instructions and prefer to figure things out on your own with trial and error.

  • You do not want a fun, engaging, motivating, convenient, streamlined and proven process of learning guitar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skill level is this program for?

This course is designed for the individual who knows nothing about the guitar and wants to get started fast while avoiding bad habits and time consuming mistakes. However, even an experienced player could learn a lot about technique, nuance and music from going through the program.

How long do I have access to the program & when does it start?

You will get lifetime access immediately after purchase. However, be aware this is a Pre-Sale and the course will be released in stages over a small period of time. The community will be providing feedback to make this the best beginner guitar course in the world and new videos will be continuously added as we gather feedback.

Can't I learn all of this on Youtube?

Youtube does provide value and is a great resource. I learned a lot on Youtube! However, when it comes to the overall process of learning guitar, it is also a cumbersome experience that doesn't provide a concrete starting point or ending destination. It can be pretty directionless, demotivating, and confusing. The Way of Guitar: White Strap gives you a clear direction and end goal to reach while also providing a tangible reward. You can't find that anywhere else, let alone Youtube!

Do I need to have XYZ before starting?

All you will need is a guitar, your phone or a computer, and a good attitude!

Should I invest in The Way of Guitar: White Strap before investing in XYZ?

If you want a streamlined and fun learning experience with a clear end goal and reward, while also acquiring the knowledge to develop and learn on your own as a guitarist, then yes, absolutely! You will gain more skills and progress completing this course than you would taking at least six months worth of private lessons, for a fraction of the price!

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! The Way of Guitar: White Strap has a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely SATISFIED and ENLIGHTENED by the The Way of Guitar: White Strap Program, then contact us within 30 Days for a full refund, no questions asked!

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